Monday, August 6, 2012

The Trident Force

USA, 1988
Director: Richard Smith
Starring: Anthony Alonzo, Nanna Anderson, Mahman Borzoo

Art by Morgan Weistling.


  1. Wow, this poster has a really good sense of composition on it. Weird that it looks as good as it does because I've never heard of this movie before at all. It only has 14 votes on IMDb as well. Rare!

  2. Actually I may be wrong about the composition, it does seem to have a truck coming out of nowhere in the middle!

  3. Yeah, totally unknown movie - but I had to get it because the artwork is great! I wonder who the artist was, because its very accomplished. Looks like it could've been done by someone like Boris Vallejo. The truck's OK with me... looks like it crashed down the stairs, adding to the excitement of the scene.

    As a sidenote, when trying to find out who the artist was, I found that this movie was financed by a wealthy family in the Philippines. So they may well have contracted a top artist to do the artwork.

    Hopefully someone will see this who knows who it was!

  4. UPDATE: Just found the artist - Morgan Weistling. Haven't heard of him before, but he's done a few other movie posters. The original artwork sold for $4500, and was originally commissioned for a European one-sheet.

  5. Totally obscure artist for a totally obscure poster. Too bad because it's a really well made design. Good find!