Friday, March 1, 2013

Amazoness in White

Japan, 1995
Director: Mitsunori Hattori
Starring: Yuko Fujimori, Asami Katsuragi, Nodoka Kawai

Rare gatefold chirashi with Prisoner Maria on the reverse


  1. Damn you wouldnt happen to have this film? It seems to be beyond rare.

    1. No, unfortunately I dont, never seen it anywhere! Super rare as you say. But I see you added a REQ on CG for it, good idea. If it will turn up anywhere, its there. I've bumped up the bounty too - your screenshots look great. Recommend not requiring subs tho... thats quite unlikely. But once the film is *out there*, even without subs, it can then be subbed by someone else :)

    2. MM yeah i guess so. Just bought myself the Wisser Encyclopedia on Japanese Horror FIlms and realized how much great cinema i have been missing for the last 20 years.
      Great bloggsite by the way.

    3. Good stuff - yeah there's so many Japanese films - at one point their movie industry was bigger than Hollywood. I haven't read Weisser's book, but will check it out sometime. I'm still working my way through a couple of others - _Behind the Pink Curtain_ which is amazingly thorough considering the subject! (Highly recommended too) - and _Stray Dogs and Love Wolves_ - another good source of info. By the way - I've found Amazoness (probably not with subs) - but I'll post on CG and let you know once I've got it.

    4. Awesome! Most of those films get their fansubs a year or so after "release" on sites like CG. Keeping my fingers crossed